Mizy Mouse Bed 4 Cats


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Give your beloved cat the chance to engage with the animals that they love the most. But in that case this Mizy Mouse Bed is not meant to be hunted, but it is meant to give your cat a place to retreat and take a comfortable rest from her outside mice-hunt. This grey bed features a comfortable and soft cushion inside. You can take it out and wash it. 

Cats love narrow spaces and beds that they can enter from multiple directions. So either your cat comes through the eye-entrance and lurking in from the back of the mouse. It is not only a place for a peaceful rest for your cat, but it looks cute and functions as a decoration good that will put bright smiles and cause guaranteed amusement for all your guests that come down to your house. 🙂


Material: Polyester and Cotton
Weight: 750 g
Size: 50x40x21 cm

Spoil your cat and get one of the beds, before our limited stock will be sold out.