Cute Cat Paw Plush Keychain




You are all too familiar with the problem that your bundle with keys is either to mono-colored or you just have 2-3 light keys that need some keychain to make it more distinctive and tangible in order to not lose your keys, which is the most frustrating thing.

Then this incredibly Cute Cat Paw Plush Keychain – consisting out of 3 elements – is the right fit for your key bundle to make it look purrificly cute and worth to get your hands on when you have a gentle touch on the soft plush ball, that adds some extra cuteness to the keychain.

The weaved leather ribbon adds another sublime accent to it and gives you another option to tie up your keys or other things you always need to have close by yourself. 


Size: 8cm
Material: Polyester and Plush
Age: > 3 years old
Colors: 5 available colors