Cute Cat Paw Fleece Socks





You would love to pair your tiny toes up with these absolutely Cute Cat Paw Fleece Socks that will transform a part of you – your feet – into a cat and make you irresistible charming and adorable. You will make the other gender purr if they see you stepping up in these socks.

The emergence of the inner cat in you is just a few clicks away! Confuse your cat when you are cruising with your new paw-alike socks over your floor and cause envy feeling when she is looking at your feet and thinks: Those paws are so god damn cute, I need such good looking paws, too! 😉

They are made out of cotton fleece and come as a unisex – fits most paws – model.

Unifit Sizing: 

EUR: 35-42
UK: 2.5 – 7.5
US: 5-10

Choose variants GETALL (6 PAIRS)  just pay $36.95 + get FREE SHIPPING