3D Cartoon Cat Plush Pillow

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There is nothing more important than having a relaxing rest on your sofa. You should let this fluffy, soft and comfortable Pillow become part of your resting. We spend a lot of evening time on our sofa. So comfort is of highest priority.

Beside its quality of alleviating stress, it will make every visitor make chuckle, once he or she sees this pillow. 

Either lean with your back on it or put it on your side and wait for your cat to come up on your sofa and make her jealous. Pretend, she might be not the only beloved cat. 😉 

Funny, comfortable, hilarious, laughter-triggering, decorative. Is there any more you need?

Size: 38cm*40cm /15″ x 15,8″ (inch)

Material: Cotton & Polyester

Model Display:

Stock is limited and it will sell out fast. So don’t wait but buy it now.