Yoga Burn Zoe Bray Cotton Review: A Comprehensive Yoga Burn Review By A Body Transformation Specialist

yoga burn zoe bray cotton

As a modern day woman, a busy schedule leaves you stressed, fat and practically unable to manage your body. Your friends and family have given a thousand suggestions on healthy living, some of which seem to work only for a while. You have probably heard of the latest fitness craze for women called Yoga Burn? Are you interested in trying it out? Before you make any step, I would like to describe my experience with Yoga Burn Zoe Bray Cotton. I have taken numerous women through the journey to fitness. My years of experience in the industry have showed me what works and what does not. I have seen women happy with the results they get while others are totally frustrated to the point of giving up. Here is a short review about Yoga Burn Zoe Bray Cotton that will enable you make the right fitness decision.

yoga burn zoe bray cotton

What is Yoga Burn ?

Yoga burn created by Zoe Bray Cotton and it is an online fitness course designed specifically for women. You get DVDs plus other manuals regarded as physical collection. As is the thing with yoga, it focuses on the body, spirit and mind to achieve holistic wellbeing. The progressive program combines different poses, some which may be regarded as difficult while others are easy. This unique program will help you lose weight and keep the body toned without having to endure excruciating, harsh and intense cardio exercises. The yoga poses are calm and relaxing, like every woman would desire. Click here to download the pack through your phone, laptop, desktop or any internet enabled device.

Organization of Yoga Burn

yoga burn zoe bray cotton

The online program is taunted as a game changer in women fitness. You are presented with nine videos, each about 45 minutes long. This program is divided into three phases. The phases are, Foundation flow, transitional flow and masterly flow. Each of these phases has four videos. You then get two bonus videos to complete the collection of fifteen. I found this plan to be very interesting. It is a systematic and gradual approach to fitness which helps you build up on what you did in the previous cycle. The cycle becomes more challenging as you go.

To successfully complete a phase from yoga burn Zoe Bray Cotton, you are required to cover three videos of a single phase in a week. These three videos are to be repeated for four weeks before moving on to the next phase.

The Three Phases Of Yoga Burn

  • Foundation Flow

This is a basic introduction to yoga. You will be directed on how to perfect the fundamental standalone yoga poses before moving into the more complex ones. The sequence between the poses is very smooth and acts as a stepping stone towards complex poses. You will also be introduced to breathing to enable you master when and how to breathe. The pace will keep you engaged and still ensure that you burn some calories.

  • Transitional Flow

Beyond the introduction, you will get three new workouts. As you may guess from the name, the focus of this stage is transitions. The links between moves gives you a seamless experience. It is a way of maintaining focus on the current activity and consequently reduce stress. It gives you a feeling of contentment with your workout and daily life.

  • Mastery Flow

You begin engaging in this phase after around two months. Zoe must have been planning to send you off in style. This is the challenging phase aimed at maximizing the impact and crowning the feel better and healthier effect. The movements are compounded focusing on both the lower and upper body. It is an effective crowning of all the days you have been working out.

yoga burn zoe bray cotton

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yoga burn zoe bray cotton

Zoe Bray Cotton, The Creator Of Yoga Burn

The creator and instructor of Yoga Burn is Zoe Bray Cotton. She instructs by example, meaning that she voices whatever she wants you to do while performing the act herself. This is the best teaching method since it shows you that whatever she is saying can be done. Zoe has accumulated thousands of hours teaching yoga. She is also a personal trainer knowledgeable in traditional and relaxation yoga as well as contemporary body toning and weight loss yoga. She combines the techniques to give you an incredibly effective program. Her experience as a teacher and instructor makes her presentation incredibly clear eliminating the chances of confusion. Her speech is slow and clear, leaving you relaxed and allowing you to enjoy every move.

What To Expect From Yoga Burn

Yoga Burn Zoe Bray Cotton is regarded as a unique program because it leaves your body well toned, flexible and relaxed. And how different is it from all other programs littering the internet?

  • You can perform it anywhere with no instructor or supervision.
  • The results have been tested and proven to transform the bodies and lives of women.
  • It is specially designed to handle the challenges of women. This means that it addresses particular issues.
  • In the absence of strenuous exercises, you will be relieving stress, losing weight and getting a better body in a fun way.

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The Price of Yoga Burn

It will cost you 37$ to download the basic Yoga Burn pack. Upon download, you will get the physical materials as well. To get two packs, you need to pay 57$. The materials are professionally prepared with clear audio and graphic presentation. Easy language and diagrams are used on the manual. I found the manuals and videos very easy and enjoyable to follow. By the second week, I felt in control of my body. I was more flexible and could manage my body easily. By the end of one month, I felt like a queen. Every attention was on me. I loved my body and my spirit as well.

        OR      yoga burn zoe bray cotton    yoga burn zoe bray cotton             yoga burn zoe bray cotton

   $37+ Shipping & Handling                                     $57+ Shipping & Handling

yoga burn zoe bray cottonyoga burn zoe bray cotton

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My Verdict on Yoga Burn Zoe Bray Cotton

Having participated in the Yoga Burn Zoe Bray Cotton program faithfully, I authoritatively recommend it to anyone seeking to lose weight. It remains faithful to the traditions of yoga yet effectively handles contemporary weight and fitness challenges. This means that you burn weight in a relaxed manner without engaging in excruciating cardio. I found it well organized and very progressive program. The benefits offered are both emotional and physical. Breathing focuses on different muscle and brain activities which is an added benefit. It is very easy to follow the entire programs with no exhaustion or a temptation to abandon it.

However, the Yoga Burn Zoe Bray Cotton program does not work for everyone since I find it more of a beginner program because of the smooth, effective and fun introduction given. Repetition of basic poses can be boring to pros. It also felt more as a workout plan than relaxation yoga. The poses proposed are aimed at pushing your heart rate. This may prove difficult to some people. However, the resulting benefits are adequate compensation.

The promise made by Yoga Burn is to leave you healthy, sexier and lighter. The one-time access fee charged is worth it. Achieving all these benefits in forty five exciting minutes is a remarkable achievement. It is one of the rare online programs that keep their promises and thus, I recommend it.

yoga burn zoe bray cotton

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